Playing Support:  It’s in my Nature

Welcome to Better Heals and Gardens. The purpose of this site is to provide an open forum for gamers to communicate and share their support/healing experiences with one another and to pass on their knowledge to players who are new to these roles. To that end, the blog that I have attached to this site will contain my experiences and as it becomes more developed and structured, I will break it down into discussions on specific aspects of playing the support role – from the perspective of the various games/champions/heroes/classes/etc. As you may have guessed, the character that started all this was is a druid named Liferoot and the bulk of my experience is tied to that class from World of Warcraft.  The Druid class became such an integral part of my gaming identity that I still consider myself in that light and will almost always put a leafy spin on things.

One thing to bear in mind is that I am still very new to blogging and even though I have quite a bit of experience healing, playing supports, etc, I am still learning in both regards.  Please forgive any technical or design issues as far as the blog is concerned and please forgive any poor advice, commentary, or inaccurate information I may share.  You have my word that you will find that this site becomes a very valuable resource, one worth the wait and the hassle.

If you have any suggestions, for content or otherwise, please feel free to e-mail me: betterhealsandgardens@gmail.com




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